More Contracts = New Patients, Larger Reimbursements


Contracting & Credentialing (Credentialing) is critical for optimizing your revenue.  Whether you need assistance with your CAQH or NPPES (NPI) profile, government payers (or their managed care organizations), or commercial payers , our Credentialing Specialists at can navigate you through the process toward getting your applications approved by as many payers as you would like to become a participating provider.  Each payer sets its own qualifications and then structures its process to ensure that the providers meet these qualifications.  iMAX has each payer’s credentialing process mapped so that you aren’t wasting time learning each payer’s procedure.  iMAX also has long established relationships with the payer’s contract and credentialing staff which gives you an edge on communications and processing speed.


Your CAQH profile is the foundation of the credentialing process.  iMAX Medical Billing will review and update your profile so that when payers research your background issues with your CAQH profile do not delay the process.  iMAX also is able to review your current contracts and negotiate with payers when the opportunity is available.

In many cases, the cost of contracting & credentialing is included in your set-up fee or your monthly billing fee.

Typically applications are processed within 30 days, but some applications can take over 90 days to be approved.  Because of this lag time, you should start your Credentialing process with us now.